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Gromit Therapeutics Announces an Exclusive License Agreement with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Gromit Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, developing disruptive gene therapies for inflammatory and age related diseases, and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York , NY (“Icahn Mount Sinai”) have announced today an exclusive license agreement to the broad patent portfolio related to Sphingolipids metabolizing enzyme (SME) and its therapeutic application in senescence, inflammation and aging. This high-value technology has been developed in the lab of Efrat Eliyahu, PhD, Assistant Professor of Genetics and Genomics Sciences at Icahn Mount Sinai, and is addressing acute and chronic inflammatory diseases and related conditions. The therapeutic protein is administered as gene therapy via using adeno-associated-virus-mediated delivery. Icahn Mount Sinai will continue to partner with Gromit to support Gromit-funded research and clinical efforts that leverage Icahn Mount Sinai’s extraordinary expertise and facilities.

“I’m proud and excited to announce this foundational collaboration between Icahn Mount Sinai and Gromit Therapeutics. Icahn Mount Sinai is an incredible partner, and we look forward to bringing this transformative technology to patients fighting age-related diseases and to creating shareholder value,” said, Rafael Torgovicky, MD, the CEO of Gromit Therapeutics.

“We look forward to collaborating with Gromit Therapeutics to advance our SME technology,” said Erik Lium, PhD, President of Mount Sinai Innovation Partners and Chief Commercial Innovation Officer of the Mount Sinai Health System. “This work will potentially address critical unmet needs in the fields of inflammatory disease and diseases associated with aging, and improve the lives of patients globally.”

Gromit Therapeutics is based on technology developed by the Mount Sinai faculty. Mount Sinai and Mount Sinai faculty, including Dr. Eliyahu, have a financial interest in Gromit Therapeutics. Icahn Mount Sinai also has representation on the Gromit Therapeutics Board of Directors.

About Gromit Therapeutics

Founded in 2021, by Rafael Torgovicky, MD, Efrat Eliyahu, PhD, Natasha Shtraizent, PhD, Philip Putter, DVM, and Oded Biran, Gromit Therapeutics is addressing the unmet needs in the field of aging and inflammation. The lead program is focused on Canine health care in orthopedics and lung diseases. An ongoing clinical study enrolled over thirty patients to date, and collected initial evidence of safety and efficacy outcomes, with a follow-up period of over a year. The companion animals enrolled in the studies have exhausted all possible surgical or medical treatments and some were about to be euthanized before being successfully treated with Gromit Therapeutics gene therapy. These findings will provide the foundation for veterinary drug development and a number of IND applications for human indications, to be submitted within the year.