i3 Prism

Funding for Mount Sinai’s diverse innovation ecosystem.

About i3 Prism

i3 Prism aims to foster innovators and innovations that will support equitable provision of healthcare and help bring new solutions to patients and society while advancing technologies to the next level from a commercial perspective. Selected applicants will receive up to $33K in funding, which will be distributed based on the achievement of milestones.

How it Works

Innovators seeking to develop their technology with the potential for commercialization can submit to the i3 Prism Request for Proposals (RFP) during the proposal period. Applicants must also disclose the technology to MSIP. The submitted proposals will be distributed for review among Mount Sinai experts in fields including medical devices, digital health, and therapeutics. Applications will be judged and scored based on project feasibility and market risks against the budget and milestones provided. Recorded scores from the reviewers will be pulled and tabulated by members of an internal working group and the awardees will be selected. When the awardees are notified and have signed an Informed Participation Letter (IPL), fund accounts will be created and funding will be disbursed.

Are you interested in being considered for i3 Prism and have not disclosed the technology? Disclose here.

  • February 5
    i3 Prism RFP period opens
  • March 15
    RFP period ends
  • March - April
    RFP review by Mount Sinai experts
  • Late April
    Awardees selected
  • May
    Awardees notified of selection
  • June
    Awardees sign IPL, finalize project plans, and budget
  • July
    Project execution begins (pending the IPL signing and finalization of plans and budget)


Eligible applicants must:

  • share how their lived experiences enhance the diverse environment of Mount Sinai or their invention.
  • be a Mount Sinai faculty or staff member or student; if the individual is within the research setting, they must be in the early stages of a scientific career (e.g., master’s, PhD, postdoctoral fellow, etc.).
  • have not previously received more than $30K in funding.
  • disclose the technology to MSIP (link above), including evidence of a development plan, prototype, and/or a minimum viable product or its equivalent.

Proposals involving Human Subjects or Animal Research may require extra steps, such as gaining formal approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

How to Apply

The RFP period for 2024 is now closed. Please check back on this page for updates.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia Cleto, MS, Senior Director of Outreach, Entrepreneurship and Special Programs at cynthia.cleto@mssm.edu and Steffanie Haripersaud, MHA, Program Manager, at steffanie.haripersaud@mssm.edu.