Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion

We cultivate a diverse and inclusive work environment so that everyone feels a sense of belonging and support,
because we know that our differences make us better together.


We are creative pioneers who drive the transformation of scientific assets
into breakthrough healthcare products and services.


We work collegially and proactively as a cross-functional team
to create value with our stakeholders and business partners.


We achieve high standards of performance,
delivered with transparency, integrity, and respect.


We overcome challenges by adapting with agility
while caring for ourselves and our colleagues.

Our Mission

We ensure Mount Sinai discoveries and innovations are translated into healthcare products and services that benefit patients and society

Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (MSIP) facilitates the real-world application and commercialization of Mount Sinai Heath System discoveries and the development of research partnerships.

Our Vision

Mount Sinai discoveries and innovations are the standard of care.

Our Values


 Respect | Honesty

 Collaboration | Audacity | Professionalism

 Integrity | Competency

 Balance | Responsibility | Transparency

Our Strategies

    • Proactively develop and maintain partnerships with members of the Mount Sinai community based on mutual trust and respect
    • Proactively develop and maintain effective external commercial relationships and partnerships
    • Challenge ourselves to continuously evolve and deploy best in class practices to translate innovations and discoveries from bench-to-bedside
    • Invest in the people, processes and systems infrastructure required to effectively and efficiently achieve our mission
  • Manage our business as a portfolio of investments as we seek to achieve an equitable return for Mount Sinai