Collaborations Managed by MSIP

MSIP collaborates with organizations that are interested in funding innovative research. To submit your initial proposal for evaluation, please fill out an application. MSIP will review and contact you to discuss the possible funding opportunities that fit your initial proposal.

Funding Opportunities:


Type: Pre-clinical/Clinical
Area: Oncology
Contact: Joy Dicker;
Additional Information: Mount Sinai is part of a multi-institutional collaboration with Celgene to develop anti-cancer drugs. The University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and Johns Hopkins University are also members of this consortium.

ShangPharma Innovation

Type: Pre-clinical
Area:  Any
Contact:  Irina Furman;
Additional Information: Mount Sinai is collaborating with ShangPharma Innovation, a global venture capital firm focused on biomedical R&D therapeutics and technologies, to accelerate the development of novel early-stage therapeutics. ShangPharma aims to provide R&D funding plus pre-clinical research support services to validate drug targets and discover new therapies.


Type: Pre-clinical
Area:  Antibodies
Contact:  Louise Lammers; / Irina Furman;
Additional Information: Regeneron collaborates with Mount Sinai to accelerate the discovery of fully human antibodies directed against therapeutic targets. Regeneron will provide Mount Sinai with access to VelocImmune® technology and potential financial support to use the company’s proprietary antibody discovery platform to generate antibodies against targets of interest and explore potential therapeutic applications for human disease.


Type: Pre-clinical
Area: Multiple
Contact: Irina Furman;
Additional Information: LifeArc is a UK organization that invests in drug discovery and has a strong track-record of drug development. It provides expertise, facilities and resources to develop new therapeutic molecules.