i3 Accelerator

Innovation ● Inflection ● Impact

The fast track to life-saving discoveries

The Mount Sinai i3 Accelerator (i3A) advances the development of discoveries from the Mount Sinai Health System into groundbreaking technologies that aim to help the patient population. “i3” stands for innovation, inflection and impact, the three ingredients necessary to expediate commercializing relevant inventions and transforming a research idea into a mature, commercial-ready technology. Researchers will collaborate with MSIP to develop a project strategy that ensures the most promising technologies advance beyond the lab bench to make an impact on human health.

The i3A aims to increase the pace of commercialization for a promising technology through a strategic and milestone-driven investment.

The goal of the i3A is to advance early discoveries by providing capital and business development support to reach well-defined inflection points, increase commercial value, and create an asset that can be licensed to industry or be the foundation of a startup company. All funded projects will have milestone-based development plans and goals with a clear path to commercialization.

The key goals are to:

  • rapidly generate and consolidate commercially relevant intellectual property (IP) with data and results that substantially de-risk Mount Sinai assets.
  • accelerate licensing of assets to existing corporations or Mount Sinai startups.
  • secure additional funding from an industry partner or an investor to further advance the development of the asset.

Funded projects will be regularly reviewed and provided input by expert advisors from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, biomedical research experts, and leaders from the Mount Sinai community. The i3A offers the support and resources needed to ensure each participating technology reaches its full potential.

Funding will be applied based on the successful completion of milestones described in the project plan.

It is preferred, where possible, that validating experiments are carried out by third-party service providers, including contract research organizations (CROs), engineering and prototyping firms, and software developers.

Contact Us

Questions? Contact us at i3@mssm.edu. You may also reach out to Louise Lammers, PhD, Director, Business Development, Emerging Assets at louise.lammers@mssm.edu or William Chiang, PhD, Business Development Consultant, at william.chiang@mssm.edu.