Eligibility and Requirements

Project Eligibility

  • A project must be led by a Mount Sinai Principal Investigator (PI) with laboratory space in a Mount Sinai research facility.
  • The aim of the project must be to achieve a meaningful commercial value-inflection point with well-defined milestones achievable within the project period.
  • Projects should utilize professional third-party organizations whenever possible, unless the work described in the proposal can only be performed in a Mount Sinai research lab.

Award Conditions

  • Full proposals must be submitted by a project team including:
    • Mount Sinai PI
    • Representative from Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (MSIP) or the Experimental Therapeutics Institute (ETI)
    • Clinical or other translational expertise
  • All IP developed during the course of the proposed research, including results of research conducted at third-party organizations, must be assigned to Mount Sinai.
  • Contracts with CROs or any other third-party entity must be examined and approved by MSIP.
  • Quarterly progress reports are required for all projects in addition to milestone achievement reports completed to secure continued project funding.