i3 Frequently Asked Questions

Launched by MSIP, the i3 series offers a variety of technology commercialization funding for Mount Sinai innovators. There are three different opportunities that make up the series, with different criteria in an effort to enable a wide range of inventors from Mount Sinai’s research and clinical communities.

“i3” stands for innovation, inflection, and impact, the three ingredients necessary to expediate commercializing relevant inventions and transforming a research idea into a mature, commercial-ready technology.

  • i3 Accelerator (launched in 2018): milestone-based funding for more established healthcare technologies with potential for commercial translation
  • i3 Genesis (launched in January 2022): funding for early-stage healthcare discoveries with the potential to become commercialized
  • i3 Prism (launching March 2022): funding for technology commercialization efforts by female and/or minority innovators

Each opportunity of the i3 series can support technologies from all healthcare fields (for example: therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, digital health, and more). Each opportunity has its own eligibility and requirements. To learn more, please visit the i3 Genesis, i3 Accelerator, and/or i3 Prism web pages.

i3 Genesis and i3 Accelerator can have multiple PIs, as long as they are all part of Mount Sinai (e.g. faculty, staff, postdoc, etc). i3 Prism should have only one PI. Please visit the respective program pages to learn more.

For inquiries about i3 Genesis and i3 Accelerator, please reach out to Louise Lammers, PhD, Director, Business Development, Emerging Assets at louise.lammers@mssm.edu or William Chiang, PhD, Business Development Consultant, at william.chiang@mssm.edu. For inquiries about i3 Prism, please reach out to Cynthia Cleto, MS, Senior Director of Outreach, Entrepreneurship and Special Programs at cynthia.cleto@mssm.edu or Steffanie Haripersaud, MHA, Program Manager, at steffanie.haripersaud@mssm.edu.